Fixed Income & Currencies

Debt Capital Markets

Partner with a world leader in fixed income

Since its launch in 2003, Cantor Debt Capital Markets (DCM) has risen to become a world-renowned dealer in fixed income products.

From our beginnings as bond traders, Cantor DCM now positions billions of dollars in inventory across a broad spectrum of instruments.

Cantor Debt Capital Markets – A global platform

Cantor DCM’s outlook is global and we provide sales, trading and other institutional services to more than 5,000 clients worldwide.

With over 200+ sales and trading professionals, we offer unrivalled expertise and superior service.

By combining the talent and experience of our team with a state-of-the-art electronic trading platform, Cantor DCM can provide enhanced levels of liquidity as well as fast and efficient execution.

Market-beating strategies

We work in close partnership with our clients to execute fixed income strategies – from yield enhancement and leveraging solutions, to hedging and risk management.

We also provide technical analysis, asset/liability management and balance sheet analysis to help our clients meet their investment and strategic objectives.

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At the forefront of innovation in the FX world

As part of its strategy of expansion in fixed income, Cantor Fitzgerald is growing its footprint in foreign exchange (FX).

Cantor’s FX sales and trading team stands out for its market knowledge, deep commitment to client service, and superior execution. With an advanced electronic trading platform and a world-class distribution network, Cantor offers sgnificant liquidity solutions for institutional clients.

Cantor Exchange

Cantor Exchange provides binary options trading for six FX currency pairs in the US (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY). Cantor Exchange is one of two such platforms approved by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Based on proprietary technology, but open to independent software vendors, Cantor Exchange is a flexible platform that is designed to capture multiple different trading styles and cover all aspects of the market.

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Credit Securities

Innovative solutions in fixed income

Cantor’s Credit desk is a market maker in an array of fixed income instruments.

Our veteran team of traders and sales professionals has a deep understanding of fixed income products and has operated in all market conditions. As a result, we can provide innovative solutions and strategies, whatever the trading environment.

Committed to the customer

As always, our focus is on building the strongest client/advisor relationships. We work closely with our customers to help them generate trading ideas and make informed investment decisions.

In support of this, our dedicated research team provides detailed analysis and insight on the relative value of specific issues and the general direction of credit markets.

We trade the following fixed income instruments:

  • US Investment grade corporate bonds
  • Yankee bonds
  • High yield bonds
  • Distressed bonds
  • Leveraged loans
  • Private/re-organized equities
  • Loan agency capabilities
  • Municipal bonds
  • Preferred stock
  • Hybrid securities
  • Commercial paper
  • Money market instruments

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Structured Products

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Structured Products Group (SPG) develops and structures mortgage and asset backed related instruments and products. The SPG team creates structured products across multiple asset classes and will work with you to develop customized solutions based on your particular needs and objectives within your risk/reward framework.

Structured product transactions

  • Residential and commercial mortgage instruments
  • CDO/CLOs (cash & synthetic)
  • Contingent performance securities
  • Structured notes and other repackaged products
  • Leveraged leases
  • Mortgage residual, NIM and servicing strip transactions
  • Consumer and trade receivables
  • Project financings

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Mortgage Backed & Asset Backed

A leader in mortgage trading

Cantor’s Mortgage Trading desk combines extensive knowledge of the fixed income markets, with a deep understanding of the collateral that can be used to underpin mortgage securities trading.

We trade a multitude of mortgage products in the secondary markets, but also specialize in the creation of securities in the new issue space.

Our desk transacts across the entire credit spectrum: from higher-rated agency-backed bonds to subordinated tranches drawn off private label shelves.

Cutting-edge technology, personal service

Most importantly, we believe in the power of partnership. Irrespective of the product, or the market, our focus is always on working closely with our clients to help realize their investment goals. In support of this, we utilize advanced analytical modelling tools and extensive loan performance resources to produce superior results.

We cover the following mortgage products:

  • Agency pass-throughs (full range of TBAs and specified pools)
  • Agency and non-agency CMOs
  • ARMs
  • Mortgage derivatives (IO/PO/inverse/inverse IO)
  • Commercial MBS (Agency CMBS and Non-agency CMBS)
  • DUS paper
  • Consumer ABS (Autos & Credit Card)
  • Home equity ABS
  • Whole loans

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Emerging Market Credit Securities

A global distribution platform

Cantor’s experienced and highly skilled Emerging Markets desk trades corporate and sovereign bonds from Latin America, Central America, the Middle East and Asia.

Deep market intelligence

With teams based in New York, London and Hong Kong, we are perfectly positioned to source opportunities in emerging markets and provide extensive distribution channels for investment grade and high yield debt.

Our expertise and market coverage is unrivalled. And this allows us to source securities and provide liquidity, whatever our clients’ needs.

We trade the following products:

  • Sovereign bonds
  • Corporate issues
  • Distressed assets
  • Investment bonds
  • MTNs

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US Treasury & Interest Rate Products

Leading the way in fixed income instruments

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Interest Rate desk is a market maker for all US Treasury products.

Our coverage includes:

  • Treasury bills
  • Notes
  • Bonds
  • Strips
  • Floating-rate notes
  • Inflation protection securities (TIPS)

We also offer in-depth, economic and market analysis, providing the information our clients need to stay ahead of the market.

Registered primary dealer

As one of only 22 primary dealers in the US, we have a close and valued relationship with the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury.

We are able to bid directly in all Treasury bill, note, bond and TIPS auctions. In addition, we can participate in all Fed Operations and provide flow and market commentaries.

By maintaining a dedicated page, CFFI, and multi-dealer-platform on Bloomberg, our FIT (Fixed Income Trading) clients can also receive fast and accurate electronic trade execution for transactions in US Treasurys.

Expert interest rate strategies

Meanwhile, our combination of deep market knowledge, exceptional idea generation and flawless execution means we can provide clients with a number of innovative interest rate solutions.

These include:

  • Yield curve trading
  • Relative value trading
  • Basis trading
  • Technical analysis

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Whole Loans

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Whole Loan Sales and Trading Platform is a leading full-service whole loan trading desk in the U.S. and a recognized leader in commercial and residential real estate. Cantor’s Whole Loan Desk capitalizes on its experienced team of real estate and capital market professionals and an exceptional sales platform to perform comprehensive portfolio disposition, evaluation, and structuring advisory services to assist our clients with strategically managing their balance sheets and loan portfolios.

Asset Disposition Advisory and Management

Devise and execute loan disposition strategies to maximize pricing and negotiate favorable trade terms.  Hands-on approach in each stage of trade: portfolio review, asset selection, pre-trade due diligence, marketing materials, bid review, transaction   documentation, settlement, and post-closing.

Loan Level Pricing

Accurate loan-level price guidance on whole loan portfolios to assist with strategic balance sheet decisions.  Pricing guidance across the entire credit spectrum from prime bank quality to non-performing loans as well as REO assets.

Unbiased Market Intelligence

Our trading desk is a comprehensive source of market insight, pricing trends, investor appetite, and price drivers with an overall understanding to optimize whole loan trades in the secondary market.


With over 4,000 banks, insurance companies, REITs, specialty finance, private equity and hedge fund clients, Cantor has the relationships to find assets that meet client’s risk tolerance and investment criteria.


  • Commercial (office, multi-family, retail, etc.)
  • Single family residential
  • Performing bank quality and non-bank quality
  • Sub and non-performing
  • Commercial and industrial (C&I)
  • Consumer
  • Acquisition, development and construction (ADC)
  • Small balance commercial (less than $5M in UPB)
  • Troubled-debt restructures (TDRs)
  • Real estate owned (REO)
  • Structured transactions
  • Mezzanine debt


A leading, full-service platform

Cantor Fitzgerald’s Whole Loan Sales and Trading Platform is a recognized leader in the US commercial and residential real estate sectors.

As a full service whole loan trading desk, we provide comprehensive portfolio disposition, evaluation and structuring advisory services.

Our team of experienced professionals has unrivalled knowledge in the real estate and capital markets. Combined with our leading-edge sales platform, we have the expertise and infrastructure to help our clients strategically manage their balance sheets and loan portfolios.

Our client services include:

Asset disposition advisory and management

To maximize pricing and negotiate favorable trade terms, we create and execute loan disposition strategies. We adopt a ‘hands-on’ approach at each stage of the trade — including: portfolio review, asset selection, due diligence, marketing materials, bid review, transaction documentation, settlement and post-closing.

Loan-level pricing

We provide accurate individual, loan-level price guidance on whole loan portfolios to help inform our clients’ strategic balance sheet decisions. Pricing guidance is provided across the entire credit spectrum: from prime bank quality to non-performing loans as well as REO assets.

Unbiased market intelligence

Through our trading desk, clients have access to independent market insights, pricing drivers, and investor appetite. In addition, they are able to optimize whole loan trades in the secondary market.


Due to our close relationships with more than 4,000 banks, insurance companies, REITs, speciality finance, private equity and hedge fund clients, we are able to source the right assets to meet our clients’ requirement, whatever their risk tolerance and investment criteria.

Our expertise also covers the following areas:

• Commercial (office, multi-family, retail, etc.) mortgages
• Single family residential mortgages
• Performing bank quality and non-bank quality loans
• Sub and non-performing loans
• Commercial and industrial (C&I) loans
• Consumer loans
• Acquisition, development and construction (ADC) loans
• Small balance commercial loans (less than $5m in unpaid principal balance)
• Troubled-debt restructures (TDRs)
• Real estate owned (REO)
• Structured transactions
• Mezzanine debt

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A leading intermediary for short-term instruments

Cantor Fitzgerald offers repurchase agreements to institutional investors. As a leading intermediary in the repo market, and one of only 22 primary dealers in the US, Cantor’s focus is on providing exceptional service to the middle market.

Cantor offers the following services:

  • Due bill
  • Tri-party repo
  • Whole loan repo
  • Equity repo
  • Sell/buy repo
  • Reverse repo
  • Securities lending

Cantor’s repo offering is supported by its advanced technology platform. HelixRepo is an integrated trading and reporting engine for a wide range of bilateral and tri-party repurchase agreements.

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